Blue Pan’s Detroit-style pizza, Whit’s Frozen Custard and more local restaurant openings

Outside the new Whit’s Frozen Custard on Tennyson. (Provided by Whit’s Frozen Custard)

As Huey Lewis, the great prophet of our time, once said, it’s hip to be square. That’s definitely true of Blue Pan Pizza, the quadrilateral-championing Detroit-style pizzeria that opened its second location in Congress Park last week. The new restaurant is bigger than the original Highland location, so hopefully that means shorter wait times for that thick, cheesy, caramelized crust. 3509 E. 12th Ave., Denver, 720-519-0944;

If you’re from Ohio, it may not be summer until you’ve had your Whit’s Frozen Custard. Now Coloradoans can partake in the made-fresh daily frozen treat at the state’s first Whit’s, which opened Monday, Aug. 28 on Tennyson St. If the super-creamy, chocolate peanut butter Buckeye flavor is on tap, order it! 3926 Tennyson St., Denver;

Newk’s Eatery, another import, debuted Aug. 28 in Arvada. Mississippi-based Newk’s is a fast-casual chain with a southern U.S.-meets-Italian menu. Think pimiento mac & cheese (OK, this one is for kids, but come on!), plenty of pizzas and sandwiches. They also sell 12-layer cakes, because why not? 7450 W. 52nd Ave., Arvada, 303-422-1490;

It took me a while to discover pupusas, but once I did, I was hooked. If you, too, are addicted to these little pockets of corn tortillas stuffed with meat, cheese and veggies, then get down to the recently-opened El Tazumal on Santa Fe. The spot does El Salvadorian food, which means tamales, open-fried enchiladas and, of course, those delectable pupusas. 258 Santa Fe Dr., Denver, 720-510-3999