Colorado drivers can expect to see a bump in gas prices from Hurricane Harvey

Colorado drivers planning a Labor Day weekend road trip will likely see a small bump in gas prices, as the ripple effect of Hurricane Harvey spreads across the country this week.

With a quarter of the Gulf Coast’s oil refining capacity offline, gas prices around the nation have risen sharply since the hurricane hit. Prices in Colorado have remained steady so far, but could rise as much as 10 cents, GasBuddy petroleum analyst Allison Mac said.

The average price for a gallon of regular gas in Colorado Monday was $2.332, compared with $2.328 last week, according to AAA data. Nationwide, a gallon of regular jumped to $2.368 per gallon, compared with an average of $2.334 last week.

“In the next two weeks prices in Denver will probably rise as much as 10 cents a gallon,” Mac said. “During this time of year prices should be going down since we’re leaving the summer season.”