Few survive the hell Von Miller endured this offseason. The man is on a mission.

Von Miller went to hell and back this summer, and he recently returned to Colorado to tell his teammates — and the thousands watching Broncos training camp — tales of his journey.

Ty Sambrailo got an earful, as Miller blew past him repeatedly without contact in individual drills. Fellow offensive tackle Menelik Watson heard one story early in practice Thursday — a lethal spin move — and was so dumbfounded, he begged to hear another until it fully registered. Rookie offensive tackle Garett Bolles learned a bit, too, but the kid has been in the know since April, really.

Throughout the last seven months, Miller has shared snippets from his trip, often with camera filters, a steady beat of rap music and his friend and supporting actor, Cyrus Gray, at his side in professionally produced Instagram videos. For a stint in the middle of his odyssey, when he returned to Denver for organized team activities (OTAs), Miller recruited some of his teammates to tag along so they, too, could experience life in hell.

But hell hath no fury like a trainer disguised in a hoodie, black sunglasses and enough deceptive charm to call his clients “Sir.”

“That dude’s crazy,” said safety Will Parks.

That dude is better known as “Hell’s Trainer” and less known as Frank Matrisciano, a name few can match with a face because of his desire to stay out of the spotlight. He has no Twitter account. No Instagram documenting his famous clientele (his face is blurred out in Miller’s videos). No website and no interest in advertising his services.

Last week, Miller did enough of that for him, arriving at camp with quadriceps the size of watermelons, an explosiveness that has left onlookers chuckling in disbelief and a bend that defies the laws of gravity.

“I want to push my body to a spot that it has never been before,” Miller said in May. “You’re never guaranteed that working hard off the field will translate to on-the-field success, but that is what I am hoping for this year. I’ve never worked as hard as I am working this offseason.”

Attention at Broncos camp was supposed to be centered on the quarterbacks vying for a starting job. But Miller has claimed the spotlight, and this is no continuation of his Super Bowl 50 media tour.