'Funny wild spirit' mourned after B.C. teen overdosed on what she thought was MDMA

Angel Loyer-Lawrence,16, headed out with a girlfriend Friday to hang out at Moody Park, but ended the night dead in her boyfriend’s lap, after taking what she thought was MDMA.

Police said the young woman and her friend had taken pills purchased from a street-level dealer in New Westminster.

But as they walked through the park, things went very wrong. The girls’ eyes started to move rapidly. 

“It’s really sad. I think we are all feeling pretty devastated. It’s crazy to think how fast a person’s life can go from living to not living. How fast the light can dwindle is scary,” said Kris Coles who tried to help, as friends emerged from the park with the two teen girls clearly in trouble.

New West Minster where Angel died

One of the teens collapsed in the 1300 block of Hamilton Street soon after leaving Moody Park. Friends called 911. (Christer Waara/CBC)

Coles says friends tried to get help before Loyer-Lawrence collapsed.

“[She] was walking and her boyfriend … kind of laid her down right there and put her head on his lap, and she started to have a seizure and lock up and then she passed,” said Coles.

“I heard that they thought that they were taking “molly,” but I didn’t know it would end up this bad.”

Angel’s friend survived and returned to school, Coles said.

Angel Loyer-Lawrence

A GoFundMe page mourns Angel Loyer-Lawrence described as a ‘funny wild spirit that was known for her beauty.’ (GoFundMe)

“As soon as I saw her [Loyer-Lawrence’s friend], my eyes started to tear up. It was good to see her alive and not in the terrified state that she was,” Coles said.

He says he did not know Loyer-Lawrence well but at school was struck by her spirit.

“Anytime I saw her, she was always happy. She always held herself up high and never let anyone bring her down. Its sad to lose a soul such as hers.”

A fundraising page for Loyer-Lawrence’s funeral described the teen as a ”funny, wild spirit known for her beauty.”

Relatives said she was living with a sister in Vancouver and attending Power Alternate Secondary School, a small 60-student school in New Westminster, B.C.

Patricia Angel's mother

Angel Loyer-Lawrence often wrote about missing her mother, posting images of a grave marker and many messages of love to her. (Angel Loyer-Lawrence/Facebook)

On social media, the teenager had mourned the loss of her own mother.

“Hate feeling like this. I just need my mom,” she wrote of her mother’s death in January.

She described how losing her mom made her feel “broken” and posted poems about missing somebody in heaven.

It’s feared the pills she took may have been tainted with fentanyl, but toxicology reports are not expected until the end of the week, police say.

Coles hopes friends are careful, thinking of Angel.

“Everybody thinks, ‘Oh that will never happen to me,’ until it does.”


Angel Loyer-Lawrence, a teen known for her upbeat, happy personality, looking a little more serious in a pose from her Facebook page. (Angel Loyer-Lawrence/Facebook)

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