Hungry heart: Indian man accused of eating mother with chutney

An Indian man is accused of eating his mother’s heart after killing her following a dispute. Sunil Kuchakurni, 27, allegedly sprinkled pepper and chutney on her heart after being denied food from his neighbors.

“We suspect he ate a part of it,” Sanjay More, senior inspector of Shahupuri police station told Mid-Day. Kuchakurni reportedly returned  from his construction job to his Kolhapur neighborhood on Monday, intoxicated and looking for food.

After his neighbors refused to assist, he went home, where his mother Yelava was waiting.

“After entering the house, he started fighting with his mother. Suddenly, in a fit of rage, he gagged her and then stabbed her to death,” More said.

Kuchakurni reportedly placed the heart on a plate before seasoning it. He was arrested police pending further investigation.