'I was terrified,' father home with 5 kids when men running from police barge in

Craig Fontaine had just finished eating breakfast with his five kids when he heard loud bangs Saturday morning.

Fontaine went to answer his front door, but when he saw no one was there, he thought something was wrong and realized someone had broken into his home through his back window before spotting an intruder.

Burrows Winnipeg

Winnipeg police arrived in the Burrows neighbourhood around noon on Saturday. (Lyza Sale/CBC)

“I’m like ‘what the hell,’ so I chase this guy,” Fontaine said.

He says he forced the 22-year-old out of his house and into the custody of Winnipeg police tactical officers who were waiting outside his Magnus Avenue home with guns drawn.

Fontaine said he thought the standoff was over and he started to do laundry, but then he heard a noise in his basement.

‘I was terrified’

“I hear this and now I’m concerned so I yell and say ‘yo, if you’re downstairs get the hell out of my house.'”

Downstairs he found a second man, 33, hiding under a pile of clothes, refusing to leave.

“I was terrified.”

Fontaine said the man tried to bribe him with cash to let him stay, so Fontaine called police and left with his kids 

Vapour aerosol can

Fontaine found this aerosol grenade left by tactical police while talking to CBC Sunday night. The grenade causes intense burning forcing suspects out of a closed space. (Travis Golby/CBC)

His home ended up becoming the scene of a nine-hour long standoff between the suspect and police.

Fontaine said he recognized the man — he tried to sell him a gold watch a couple of months ago, but he doesn’t understand why he ran in his house to hide.

Police said Saturday’s ordeal started when they were executing a search warrant in the 500 block of Sherbrook Street. That’s when they spotted a suspect in a truck who fled the area hitting a cyclist.

Vapour grenade left near kid’s bike

That man then rammed into a taxi and kept driving before ditching the vehicle and running on foot into Fontaine’s house, police said.

Both men are in custody and face a number of charges, while Fontaine is left cleaning up the mess left behind at his home.

Shards of glass litter his front yard, his front door is broken, parts from a Taser wire are in his basement, smoke bombs left piles of dust inside which have triggered coughing and sneezing and made it hard to breathe, he said.

Vapour grenade by kid's bike

The grenade was just a few feet away from a child’s bike and was part of the mess left behind after Saturday’s standoff. (Travis Golby/CBC)

When Fontaine was showing CBC the damage Sunday night he found a vapour grenade just a few feet away from his daughter’s bike.

“That’s crazy.”

The damage to his home has left him upset, but he’s happy his kids weren’t hurt.

“The fact of the matter is we’re back in the home and this is just something that’s replaceable.”

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