Kickin’ it with Kiz: The real reason for Trevor Siemian’s success with the Broncos? You won’t believe it.

Broncos quarterback Trevor Siemian owes you at least a fraction of his paycheck after all the motivational columns you have written about him, Kiz. Pretty sure your columns are the primary reason he is starting to excel. Now focus on a new target to let them blossom, as well.

Kiz: The hard-working and dedicated staff here at Kickin’ It Headquarters is not in it for the money. But applause is always graciously accepted. And now that you mention it, if Siemian wants to say thanks, a lifetime supply of Skittles would be nice. Our next project? Well, if we help Joe Sakic get the Avs back in the NHL playoffs, we know some folks that could use ski passes to Whistler. And the Rockies’ $70 million man, Ian Desmond, could obviously use a hitting coach. But that would be a big project. Probably worth a Porsche. Maybe two.

What’s your prediction for Broncos at Bills?

– Roger, undefeated and unbowed

Kiz: It’s a hard league, as Denver coach Vance Joseph likes to say. And winning on the road? That’s harder. I thought there was an 80 percent chance the Broncos would beat San Diego and a 60 percent chance they would beat Dallas. OK, I’m going to ride that mathematical progression, with the thought there’s a 40 percent chance the Broncos return from Buffalo with a victory. Siemian will face a defense stacked against the run and a fierce pass rush. I’m saying Denver has a chance, but my prediction is: Bills 20, Broncos 17.

Two questions: What did Patrick Roy know. And when did he know it?

Kiz: On or about the time of the Stadium Series game between the Avs and Red Wings in February 2016, Roy knew his team was nowhere close to being a factor in the Stanley Cup playoffs, while Sakic and franchise president Josh Kroenke preached patience. Roy quit as coach not long thereafter, and we’re stuck with a long rebuilding project.

Charlie Blackmon is the Rockies most valuable player. My reasons? Chuck Nazty has the top batting average in the National League, record-setting RBIs from the leadoff spot, plus he leads the league in triples and runs, while having more than 200 hits.