Oneplus 5 buyers Oneplus Referral Program may help you buy Oneplus 5 + Giveaway

Oneplus 5 buyers Oneplus Referral Program may help you buy Oneplus 5 + Giveaway
Oneplus has announced Oneplus referral program which may help you to save some bucks for Oneplus 5.

Oneplus 5 buyers Oneplus Referral Program may help you buy Oneplus 5 + Giveaway

Here is another Oneplus 5 news but this time its more about Oneplus referral program. Participate in it and save few bucks to buy Oneplus 5.

OnePlus Referral Programme Announced Ahead of OnePlus 5 Launch. OnePlus is leaving no stone unturned ahead of the launch of its sixth smartphone, the OnePlus 5. The Chinese company has announced OnePlus Referral programme under which each of your friends will receive $20 off towards the purchase of any accessory when they buy a OnePlus smartphone via the official store. The ones who shared their unique referral link with friends will get 100 referral points.

The company has confirmed that the OnePlus One, OnePlus 2, OnePlus X, OnePlus 3, and OnePlus 3T owners can generate their unique link. OnePlus explaining the new referral programme in a blog post, “Anyone who’s ever bought a OnePlus smartphone past, present, or future, can get a unique referral link. Once you’ve got a link, just share it with someone interested in buying a OnePlus device and wait for them to hit the order button. If your friend uses your link to purchase a OnePlus smartphone, they’ll receive $20 – or an equivalent amount in your local currency – off on an accessory of their choosing. No more than 30 days later, we’ll drop 100 referral points in your referral hub.”

OnePlus says that anyone who ever bought a OnePlus smartphone can generate their unique referral link which can be then shared with friends. Gadgets 360 tried to access the Referral page in India, and we noticed that the page didn’t seem to work. We can expect the programme to be available in India soon.

The company adds that those who will share referral links will receive 100 referral points after their friends purchased a OnePlus
smartphone using the link. OnePlus further says that the referral points will be added to the user’s account in up to 30 days. Users
can check their referral hub to view and spend referral points on OnePlus gear, accessories and coupons. The company has been creating buzz around its OnePlus 5 and recently, it confirmed that the handset will be the first to sport Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC in India.

We can expect the company to launch the OnePlus 5 soon, as it recently announced discontinuation of its current flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 3T.

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OnePlus Referral Program is for OnePlus smartphone owners
It can provide discount on purchase of accessory
OnePlus Referral Program will offer current users referral points

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Oneplus 5 buyers Oneplus Referral Program may help you buy Oneplus 5 + Giveaway

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