Police identify man, 32, killed in shooting at Sheridan Mall

A 32-year-old man is dead after a shooting behind Sheridan Mall in North York, police said Saturday, the second fatal shooting at the shopping plaza in the past month. 

Toronto police were called to the north side parking lot at 7:45 p.m. Friday evening. Officers found the victim badly injured, lying on the ground with a single bullet wound to his chest.

John Trevor Paul, of Toronto, was taken on an emergency run to hospital but later died from his injuries.  

Toronto police homicide detective Christopher Ruhl said while the investigation is in its infancy, video evidence collected from the scene suggests the attack was targeted. 

Paul was with some friends, apparently listening to music, in the moments before the shooting. A truck that Ruhl described as full-size and white or silver in colour approached the group. 

To me, this a family place, so it’s devastating.
Rickey Anderson, local resident

Three people got out of the truck and had a confrontation with Paul, while a fourth individual remained inside the truck. Not long after the interaction started, Paul was shot and the truck sped away from the parking lot.

Witnesses to the shooting provided statements to police, and officers continue to canvass the area for any other cameras that may have recorded the shooting.

Sheridan mall fatal shooting

A still image of a video captured by a security camera shows the group of three people who arrived to the scene in a pick-up truck and had a brief confrontation with the victim before he was shot. (Toronto Police Service)

This was the second shooting to take place at Sheridan Mall in the last month.

Last month, terrified shoppers ran for cover during the busy dinner hour at the mall as Jovane Clarke, 22, was chased inside from the parking garage and gunned down. Clarke died on the plaza’s floor. 

Sheridan Mall fatal shooting Toronto suspect truck

The pick-up truck used to flee the scene. Police pointed out that it’s full-sized, white or silver in colour, with a moonroof and a Tonneau cover over the bed. (Toronto Police Service)

Investigators are still working on identifying the four suspects and determining a motive.

Locals told CBC Toronto that they hope police can do something to curb the intermittent violence that has put people on edge in a neighbourhood with a strong sense of community.

“I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m hoping that it stops,” said Rickey Anderson, who was dropping by the area to pick up something to eat when he heard about the shooting.

“I come here all the time — to eat, and I drive my truck around here. To me, this a family place, so it’s devastating,” he said. 

Toronto police homicide detective Christopher Ruhl

Homicide Det. Christopher Ruhl said police hope to release images of the suspects’ full-sized, white or silver truck as soon as possible. (CBC)

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