Rigaud offers to help house stranded flood victims as cold weather approaches

With the weather turning colder and delays in getting home inspection reports, the municipality of Rigaud announced Wednesday it will help families affected by the spring floods arrange medium and long-term housing solutions.

The city is looking at several options for temporary housing, including the rental of mobile homes, buying land and renting or renting homes.

It’s been roughly four months since the overflowing Ottawa River forced families to abandon their homes in the town, about 30 kilometres west of the island of Montreal. 

Nearly 300 properties were flooded, and some of those families have yet to return home. 

According to the municipality, 17 families are still living in hotels. But they don’t know how many others are staying with friends or family, and say the province won’t share that information with them. 

“What they’re doing is not working. So we have to do something else,” said Mayor Hans Gruenwald.

The town is asking every resident still affected by the floods to call 450-451-0869, extension 263, to update the city on their situation.

Earlier this month, a Rigaud citizens’ committee voiced concerns over delays to get permits for renovations, saying without the permit they wouldn’t be guaranteed compensation from the province for any work they do on heir homes.

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A man rows a small boat loaded with belongings down a street in the town of Rigaud, Que. in May. (Graham Hughes/Canadian Press)

Municipalities can only issue the permits once they receive the province’s inspection reports, but many have not received them yet.

In July, Public Security Minister Martin Coiteux said the ministry had hired 90 people to help speed up the inspection process and that it was issuing 500 reports per week.

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