'She's having a little work done': Just For Laughs comedians talk Montreal construction

Comedian and screenwriter Judd Apatow, who’s in town for Just For Laughs, has a message for Montrealers feeling down about the start-stop rhythm the city’s shuttered streets have been causing: “come to L.A.!”

“I come from a land where traffic is much worse,” Apatow said on the red carpet outside the comedy festival’s award show. 

He and other top stars at the festival expressed their love for this city to CBC News.

So, what makes Montreal a good comedy city to these funny people? 

Judd Apatow

judd apatow just for laughs

“Montrealers are confused about who they are. They’re lost between cultures,” Apatow said.

“They’re in an aggressive fight between two cultures and as a result, they’re open to the weirdness of reality.”

Jim Carrey​

jim carrey just for laughs

“I grew up in a house that was half French and French people like to party, and like to laugh, and they like to play music, and they like to have a good time,” Jim Carrey​ said.

“They like to enjoy life.”

Trevor Noah

trevor noah just for laughs

“The complete acceptance of comedy in all of its shapes and forms, the people that come with it, the Ethnic Shows or the Nasty Show … mannequins that are moving and walking through the streets, whether it’s the jugglers or the stilt walkers,” Trevor Noah said. 

“Every form of comedy is appreciated and enjoyed in Montreal.​”

Jay Baruchel

jay baruchel

“Montreal in the summer is the most beautiful, best, most fun city on earth. So, to be here at a festival celebrating fun, at the most fun time that you could be here, I see the romanticism, I can see how it’s quite intoxicating for people,” Jay Baruchel said.

Alonzo Bodden

Alonzo Bodden

“Montreal is 375 years old, she’s having a little work done, you can’t fault her for that. At 375, you’re getting a few cracks filled, it’s OK.” Alonzo Bodden said.

Mike Birbiglia​

mike birbiglia just for laughs

“First thing I did when I came into town was I walked into a cafe and the woman at the cafe said, ‘You’ve lost weight.’ And I was like, Oh, Montreal’s like my mom,” Mike Birbiglia​ said.  

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