Sirens blare as Japan wakes to North Korea missile warnings (VIDEOS)

Usually reserved for earthquakes, warning systems in Japan that play safety messages and blare sirens over tannoy were used on Monday to warn residents in Sapporo of an approaching North Korean missile.

In videos posted to social media from Hokkaido prefecture, sirens can be heard warning residents of the passing missile.

Warning messages were also sent to residents’ mobile phones, initiated by Japan’s J-Alert system.

“A missile was fired from North Korea. Please evacuate to a sturdy building or basement,” the text message read.

After the missile had passed from Japanese airspace, another message was sent reading: “A North Korean missile passed over this area. If you find suspicious things, please never touch them.”

According to the Japanese and South Korean governments, the missile fired from North Korea passed through northern Japan’s airspace. Japan did not attempt to shoot it down before it fell into the Pacific ocean 14 minutes after launch.

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