So long, Pitoune: La Ronde's classic log ride shuts down

La Ronde’s Pitoune, the classic log ride whose splash-filled turns and photo finish captured the hearts of Montrealers, is no longer. 

“After 50 seasons, the Pitoune ride has reached the end of its useful life and will not re-open for our 2017 season,” Six Flags, the owner of La Ronde, said in a statement. 

Inaugurated during Expo 67, the Pitoune was an early favourite among amusement park-goers.

It featured sharp turns and a water-soaking finish, but the gradual decline throughout most of the journey down made it palatable for fun seekers of all ages.

In recent years, it was overshadowed at the amusement park by a new fleet of roller coasters and family friendly activities.

“We greatly appreciate the history and tradition of this classic La Ronde ride and thank you for your patience while we evaluate alternatives for a replacement ride in the future,” the company said.

log La Ronde

The ride featured sharp turns, but the gradual decline made it palatable for people of all ages. (La Ronde)

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