The world’s first blockchain smartphone “Finney” is in development | QPT

The world’s first blockchain smartphone “Finney” is in development | QPT
A company called Sirin Labs is developing an open-source smartphone that runs on a fee-less blockchain. This smartphone is named as “Finney” for honoring bitcoin pioneer Hal Finney.
The Finney will be the only smartphone in the world that’s fully secure and safe enough to hold cryptographic coins.
Sirin Labs is launching a crowdsale event this October to support the phone’s development.

Sirin Labs is the company behind the costly Solarin smartphone.

Apart from Finney Smartphne, the Sirin Labs is planning to release Finney computer also.

According to Sirin, all Finney devices will form an independent blockchain network powered by IOTA’s Tangle technology.
IOTA is an open-source distributed ledger protocol launched in 2015 that goes ‘beyond blockchain’ through its core invention of the blockless ‘Tangle’.

The network will operate without centralized backbones or mining centers cluttering up the transaction process, using the SRN token as its default currency. Only SRN token holders will be able to purchase the device. And it’ll all run on a Sirin operating system “Shield OS” specially designed to support blockchain applications such as crypto wallets and secure exchange access. The price of the finney phone is set as $999. The Finney smartphone will come with 256GB internal memory and 16MP camera.

The current generation of smart devices compromises on user security. The focus is overwhelmingly on user experience, at a huge cost in fraud and cybercrime. The digital economy of the future cannot tolerate this trade-off: device architecture demands a paradigm shift that enables true security, while maintaining excellent user experience. So, Sirin believes that there is a huge demand for the Finney phone.

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