Ukrainian military warehouse blaze & explosions force evacuations (VIDEOS)

A large military warehouse is burning in Ukraine’s Vinnytsia region. Authorities are moving residents as amid exploding munitions, sending rounds of ammunition into the air and threatening the lives of locals.

The fire at a military depot in the town of Kalinovka started shortly before 10:00pm local time, resulting in the detonations, the interior ministry said.

“Today, on September 26, at 21:50, the Kalinovskiy police department of the Vinnytsia region received a report of the detonation of ammunition on the territory of one of the military stations,” authorities said in a Facebook post.

Authorities have ordered police officers from the Vinnytsia, Zhytomyr and Khmelnytsky regions to rush to the scene the statement added. Police cordoned off roads leading to Kalinovka and are now clearing residents of the town and surrounding villages as munitions continue to explode. In addition, Ukrainian authorities have closed off the airspace within a 50 km radius of the city.

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According to reports, the depot is spread across 60 hectares and holds some 188,000 tons of ammunition including rockets to multiple launch systems, such as the ‘Smerch’, ‘Uragan’ and ‘Grad’. No casualties have yet been reported.