Vancouver double homicide may have been a random attack, police say

Police have identified the victims of a double homicide in the Vancouver neighbourhood of Marpole and say there is nothing so far to indicate it was anything more than a random attack.

“That’s why we are asking the public to look out for one another, and report anything suspicious to 911,” said VPD spokesperson Const. Jason Doucette in a news release.

Police have identified the victims as Dianna Mah-Jones, 65, and Richard Jones, 68 and say they were married.

“This investigation is a top priority for the VPD,” said Doucette.

The VPD says its homicide unit is working “around the clock” to solve the crime.

Police discovered the couple’s bodies after they were called to the small blue house at West 64th Avenue and Hudson Street Wednesday afternoon to check on the well-being of the residents. 

They are Vancouver’s 14th and 15th homicide of 2017.

Mah-Jones an award-winning physiotherapist

Dianna Mah-Jones

Dianna Mah-Jones (centre) was named BC’s Health Care Hero in June 2017. (Vancouver Coastal Health)

A spokesperson for Vancouver Coastal Health confirmed that Mah-Jones was an occupational therapist at the G.F. Strong Rehabilitation Centre.

According to a VCH blog post, Mah-Jones worked at the centre for 26 years, including spending time as director of occupational therapy. She spent 11 years in the spinal program and was named B.C.’s Health Care Hero in June.

“A hero is someone who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements or noble qualities,” the blog post read. “Dianna Mah-Jones has all of those characteristics and then some.”

She was lauded for her ingenuity and was even credited with helping invent unique rehab tools.

She designed a latex collar for a woman with muscular dystrophy and a wooden pulley-operated feeding tower for a man who needed to eat while standing.

Wooden feeding tower

According to VCH, Dianna Mah-Jones devised a wooden feeding tower to help a man eat while standing. She was slated to travel to Denver in September to present it to the American Association of Spinal Cord Injury Professionals. (Vancouver Coastal Health)

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