Vancouver police scour yard, question neighbours after 2 suspicious deaths

Vancouver police say they are investigating the suspicious deaths of two people in a Marpole-area house.

Officers were called to the small blue house at West 64th Avenue and Hudson Street in a quiet tree-lined south Vancouver neighbourhood.

More than a dozen detectives from the Homicide Unit arrived around 2 p.m. PT, and neighbours watched as investigators donned white suits, then scoured the front yard, steps and garden for evidence. The yard and trampoline are now surrounded by yellow police tape.

Front steps

The front steps were a focus of investigation after two people were found dead inside the home. (CBC)

Two people who said they were relatives arrived on scene at one point Wednesday, appeared visibly distraught and spoke to police before they were led away.

Neighbours said an older couple lived in the home, now the focus of investigation.

“It’s pretty shocking. I thought this was a safe neighbourhood. That such a terrible thing could happen, it really puts things in perspective,” said University of British Columbia student C.K. Wong.

neighbours marpole death

Neighbours C.K. Wong and Danial Cheung say they are shocked police are investigating two deaths at a home where they often saw an elderly couple. (CBC)

He and neighbour Danial Cheung often waved at the older man when he was out on his lawn with his walker.

“People are friendly here. You can say hi to them. This is the last thing you’d expect in such a peaceful neighbourhood,” said Cheung, also a student at UBC.

“We picked this place to live because it looked really peaceful. We didn’t really expect this,” said Cheung.

Vancouver police remain on scene, but have released no further information.

Vancouver suspicious deaths

Police investigate two suspicious deaths in Vancouver. (Tamara Rahmani/CBC)

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