Versace sweater bears resemblance to vintage Canucks logo

It would appear a vintage Vancouver Canucks logo is back in fashion.

A sports-loving Reddit user with an eye for fashion spotted a Versace sweater bearing a similar look to the flying-skate logo used from 1985 to 1997.

Versace Canucks sweater

This Versace long-sleeved sweater is selling for $1,264 Cdn. (

As described on, the polyester sweater, “is exactly what we’d expect a basic from Versace to be — a body-hugging, sensuous design with a bold pattern, emblazoned across the front. Wear yours with anything and everything — from boyfriend-cut jeans to feminine skirts.” 

For a cool 860 euros or $1,264 Cdn, the sweater can be yours. The logo is also featured on a T-shirt on Versace’s website.

The Vancouver Canucks logo featuring a flying skate was criticized as looking like a plate of spaghetti. The Canucks haven’t commented on Versace using the logo’s likeness.

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