Get Cooking: Ways to get rid of unwanted fat on food

Cooks have come up with bunches of ways to remove unwanted fat from their preparations of stock or broths, gravies, stews or braises, and other “wet” dishes. (Defatting solid foods such as grilled steak or roast meats is generally a slice of a knife.)

While the wet food is a-cooking, use the edge of a large, wide, fairly slim-bowled serving or stirring spoon to scoop at the fat that usually pools at the top and near the rim of the pot. Asian cooks use a dandy wide and perforated “spoon” or scoop (it’s round and sports many small holes); I bought mine at a Chinese grocery.

For small amounts of gravy, sauce or broth, you might use a measuring cup-like fat separator with a spout that emerges from the bottom of the cup. Because fat rises above the liquids in which it is cooked, as the liquid is poured out into a bowl or saucepot, it is last to show up —  and hence easily discarded —  at the base of the spout.

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